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I offer advisory services to enable and empower growing businesses in the Textile, Apparel & Fashion industry. My efforts have helped transform my client’s growth journey and view business from a wholistic perspective.

Our typical associations begin with aligning goals and timelines and ensure strategic intiatives are almost always juxtaposed with tactical and process reforms to deliver lasting solutions to our clients. With visible results my engagement with clients tend to be ongoing over longer periods in time.


 - Market study, project conceptualization and feasibility study


 - Set up Greenfield/Brownfield project

 - Preparing and building a Retail Brand

 - Identifying and building diversification/brand extensions

 - Restructuring organization structure and Business Process re-engineering

  - ​Product Development, Sourcing, Marketing and Sales channels

 - Building and operating omni-channel retail/ digital platforms

 - Lean process management by identifying slack and help creating value

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